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What's your Mental Toughness Score?

Updated: Mar 8


Did you know that mental toughness accounts for 25% variance in our performance and is a core feature of a successful mindset for work, education, and sports? When we manage stress effectively, it leaves space for us to see opportunities instead of threats.

We all have our own unique profile of mental toughness, which can be assessed and developed.

To get a sense of your Mental Toughness, self assess the following 5 questions on a scale of 1 to 10, one being low - ten high. To get an indicative score of your mental toughness, add up the scores, and divide them by 5.

If you scored less than 30 overall or less than 4 on any one of the questions, don’t panic. You're already on track to learning how you can improve your mental toughness. Take it one practical step at a time. Here are two to consider:


Lorna Lawless, Psychologist.

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